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Dry Cleaning for Suits, Tuxedos and Formal Attire

tuxedoVisit Dry Cleaning and Beyond before your next "Black Tie" event for expert cleaning of all your formal wear.  Our experts will take exacting care of your tuxedo, tuxedo shirts, ties, vests and cumberbunds.

How often should I dry clean my wool suit?

The answer is probably less often than you'd think.  Most wool suits only need to be cleaned once every 3 months.  A good way to remember is when to clean your suit is to do it every time you get your oil changed.  If you happen to stain your suit in between cleanings just bring it in and Dry Cleaning and Beyond can spot clean it for you instead of cleaning the entire suit. If the suit is stained (and cant be spot cleaned), smells or if it has been worn regularly (once a week or so) and not cleaned for more than six months, then your suit probably needs to be cleaned. If it's just rumpled then it might just need to be pressed. Always give your suit jacket to a professional dry cleaner that will properly iron your suit and prevent damages like burning of the wool.

Choosing a dry cleaner for your Suit or Tuxedo

While convenience is obviously a great selling point when selecting a dry cleaner, also know that you often get what you pay for. A dry cleaner with prices that seem too good to be true may be reusing the dry cleaning solution more than is prudent (which leads to inefficient cleaning and that weird chemical-y smell on your clothing).

A few good tips on keeping your suits looking new

  • Store suits on the original hanger when not being worn. Wide hangers keep the shoulders from sagging. Wool has memory - wrinkles will hang out.
  • Never button the suit jacket or zip the pants while storing. This is the only time you can keep your pants unzipped.
  • Brush your suit after each wearing. It takes off the surface dirt.
  • Always clean both jacket and pants together. Colors may undergo subtle changes in the dry cleaning process.
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