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Posted by: Sarah Moeck


One of my favorite movies is Music and Lyrics. I love Hugh Grant, and though he is no Michael Jackson, I actually enjoy listening to him sing. One of my favorite songs comes at the very end of the movie (don't worry- no spoilers) where he is asking the heroine to forgive him by singing a song in concert. One of the lines in the song I love especially. It goes:

"Please don't write me off just yet."

To me it is such an epic plea for forgiveness, you know?

What made me think of this, was a customer that came into one of our companies stores the other day and said that they had been to a local dry cleaners recently, and the company had ruined the customers shirt in some way. When the customer went back to ask that the misfortune be corrected somehow,  the dry cleaners had sent the customer out the door without another word, and without making amends for the mistake.

I am sure that MOST dry cleaners have heard a story like this from a customer. Though we are here to fix and to clean your clothes, unfortunately, we cannot, as much as we would like to be able to, claim perfection. Sometimes- things happen, as I am sure all of you have experienced in your own line of work. Mistakes cannot be eradicated indefinitely.

However, we have discovered that the real mistake doesn't come in staining or ruining a garment. The real mistake that our customers previous dry cleaners made, was in not making up for their error.

Since Dry Cleaning and Beyond had been in business we have, yes, we will admit, made some mistakes. What we have and what we will continue to promise to do however, is to make up for the mistake IF you, as the customer, give us the chance to do so. We can replace missing buttons, re-sew loose hems and threads, get out stains from bleeding fabrics etc. If it comes down to it- we will even replace something if needed. And we will do it without charge.

So I guess though I have no voice or piano talent, I would like to make the same plea as Hugh Grant. Don't write us off with the first error. Bring the garment in and give us, or whatever dry cleaner you go to, the chance to show you how much we appreciate you as a customer by making up for what we did wrong.

Because we will make it up to you if you give us the chance. And that is something that we CAN promise.

I really do try to keep this blog for basic dry cleaning news and information, but sometimes what is basic dry cleaning news has something to do with our company :)


Recently, the owners of Dry Cleaning and Beyond met with some of the executives of the store Allyse's Bridal. Allyse's Bridal is actually a subsidiary of the company called . They have two stores in the Utah area- one in American Fork and one inside the University Mall in Orem. 


During the meeting, both companies came to the conclusion that every dress that sees that has been bought/ altered/ or has had something to do with Allyse's Bridal, will receive of any cleaning, alterations, or preservation's that are done. 


 So- ladies- if you have recently bought a dress with and need anything done- cleaning, steaming, alterations, preservation, etc.- come on into Dry Cleaning and Beyond! We would love to help you out.

 And if you are looking for a wedding dress, or even a prom dress, make sure you stop in and check out Allyse's selection! They have some very beautiful gowns.


Posted by: Sarah Moeck

I love to quilt. Really. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am any good, but it is still a stress reliever for me. When I come home from "just one of those days", nothing makes me feel better than to sit in front of my sewing machine and methodically sew blocks together. It's therapeutic.

What has been really nice, is to realize that I am not the only one like this. I think since I have worked for Dry Cleaning and Beyond, I have seen more beautiful home made quilts than I have ever seen before. (Except for maybe inside my grandmothers home.)

I am sure everyone has had the horrible experience of something happening to a quilt, throw, or bed spread and you think, "Now what am I going to do with it? It wont fit in MY dryer." The great thing is, taking your quilt to the cleaners can do a lot more for it than... well... make it fit. (Although I am sure if your dryer fits your toddler... it might fit your quilt :) Not that we condone this method of testing or anything.)

It preserves color, and feel. Dry cleaning your blankets won't melt or bunch feathers and any other synthetic materials that may be used for the stuffing inside. Dry cleaning your quilts actually ensures that your quilts GET dry, and for those knitted afghans you have, it will ensure that the fibers don't shrink, stretch, or come unraveled. And the best- for all of you hand quilters out there-  dry cleaning your quilt keeps all of your time consuming, precious, and delicate work- in one piece!!

And though I try not to too often, I AM going to put in a plug for my own company right now :)  actually has a quilting specialist that works out of our Springville location. Need help piecing, sewing, and doing anything that has to do with the making and cleaning of your quilt? Call our Springville location and ask for Sheri. Not only can she helps, but she WANTS too.

We just wanted to throw out a kudos to all of our quilters out there and tell them how amazing we think their work is! We are so impressed with their talents.

And just to show it off a little bit, the beauty below is thanks to one of our Provo store customers, Linda Lambert. We were so excited to see something so nice, she graciously let us snap a picture of her handiwork and post it here! Thank you Linda!