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For the Love of Spring and Stains

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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I love spring. I think most people share this sentiment because after months of hibernation we all feel like the sun and the scent of fresh air helps us to awake. People seem to take more time in life in the spring to think, to clean, to empty out their lives in preparation for filling them during the summer months.

I love working and having the sun STREAM in through my front store windows all day long. I love seeing the prints people come in wearing- with all their bright colors and flower coverings. 

I was thinking about all of this while I was working this morning, and with a smile I realized that even if the sun had NOT been streaming in through the store windows, I would not have been at a loss for what season it was. I could tell just by people's clothes; what they were bringing in and the stains on their clothes. Something about the orders I have had this morning just screams to me... warmer days are ahead...

1. Tiny bright dots all down the front of a light colared shirt

2. Thick heavy coats to be cleaned and folded. (Packing them away until next fall... and we think good riddance!)

3. Mud all over the hems of a pair of pants

4. Conspicuous bleach dots all over a pair of jeans. (Spring cleaning anyone?)

5. A wet light orange smudge on the front of someones pants

6. Car grease and black asphalt smudges. (Who else is taking advantage of the warm weather to do their own oil change instead of taking the car in?)

7. Sticky bright red finger marks on a shirt sleeve

8. Green smears and the wonderful scent of warm grass. (It's amazing how good you feel when your lawn looks good, and FEELS good under your bare feet.)

9. Prom dresses and tuxes

10. And of course... what would spring be without the Easter bunny? :)

Feeling the Love Day 2

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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In continuation with our previous blog, this week we are blogging every day about things we love to honor the Valentines Day Holiday. Yesterday we expressed our love for children. Today we will express love for:

The earth.

Maybe this resonates with me a lot because I am from Oregon. Don't worry- I am actually much more conservative than most of my fellow greenies, but it still threw me for quite a loop when I first moved to Utah and realized there was no place to recycle my aluminum cans. (How do Utah kids pay for candy without the returning pop can fund, really?)
However, being green is no longer something left to the hippies that life in the North West. Being green and organic, and taking care of the earth is becoming much more of a global phenomenon. And the dry cleaning business is not ABOUT to be left out of the preservation race.
I get asked probably once a week about whether Dry Cleaning and Beyond uses Organic cleansers, and whether we are a "green" company. I am proud to say that "yes, we are" and for your private blog viewing information, most dry cleaners are. We recycle not only the cleaning products we use, but the supplies we use to clean such as our bags and our hangers. (Have extra hangers you don't want? Bring them into any of our stores and we will re-use them!)

Also, thanks to modern technology, we are able to be MUCH more green than dry cleaners in the past were able too because now our systems are all digital, instead of having to rely on paper and pen. It is not only better for the environment, but much more safe and convenient for you AND your clothes!
There was a great blog post listed before I started blogging called Clean and Green that details most of this information and much more, and details it much better than I would be able too :) So if you are still interested, please, follow the link and read up on how dry cleaners are helping keep our communities green and organic!
For our second day of Love posts- we want to express our appreciation to our earth, and to the times that we live in today that give us the methods, and the understanding about just how important the world we live in is.

Clean and Green

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Clean and Grean - Dry Cleaning and the Environment

green-dry-cleaningDry Cleaners Recycle Almost Everything

Long before recycling was recognized as a critical step toward preserving our environment, it was practiced by the dry cleaning industry. We recycle almost everything – from used cleaning solvent to unclaimed garments! Here are some of the ways dry cleaners keep waste to an absolute minimum:

Dry cleaning Solvent

dry cleaning solvent is readily reused and recycled on-site through distillation, filtration and drying. Special stills and filters remove impurities from used solvent, leaving it crystal-clear and ready to be used again. As garments are dried, solvent vapors are recaptured and condensed back to liquid form to reuse.

Polyethylene Garment Bags and Hangers

Today most dry cleaners participate in programs through their supply distributors to recycle Polyethylene (“poly”) garment bags and hangers. Often special recycling bins are provided in the front counter area. It’s a good idea for customers to first remove all staples and tags or receipts before returning bags.

Clothing Recyling

Dry cleaners even recycle clothing – taking the thousands of garments that go unclaimed each year to charitable organizations and clothing banks to be distributed to the needy. We also help others to recycle through programs such as “Cold Days, Warm Hearts,” with Robert Horry as our chairman. This program encourages consumers to bring in unwanted clothing and coats to a participating dry cleaner for free cleaning and repair. The dry cleaner then turns them over to the SAMMinistries and to the Christian Assistance Ministry.

Demonstrating Concern for the Environment

The majority of the country’s 30,000 dry cleaners are small, neighborhood, family-run businesses, often with spouses and children involved in day-to-day operations. As an industry, we pay close attention to proper waste disposal, emission controls and other environmental and safety precautions. We take pride in our efforts to keep the environment clean and safe for future generations.

Because of our industry’s high professional and ethical standards, we have always taken the lead in voluntary environmental compliance and support of environmentally responsible legislation.

For example, most dry cleaners used hazardous waste disposal methods to dispose of solvent residue and used filters, although only one-half of the industry is actually required to do so. The solvent used by most dry cleaners for half a century does not contribute to smog formation, deplete the stratospheric ozone layer or contribute to global warming.

In 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) commended the dry cleaning industry for taking an active role in developing a proposed amendment to the Clean Air Act of 1990. The new rule would require all but the smallest dry cleaners to install special equipment to reduce emissions of solvent.

Over the past 20 years, the majority of dry cleaners have voluntarily invested in sophisticated equipment that ensures that little or no solvent is released into groundwater or the atmosphere. Our goal is to completely eliminate waste in all aspects of the dry cleaning process- from solvent to polyethylene bags.