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Love Notes

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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I am a corny person. I swoon during sappy love movies. I cry while reading books by Nicholas Sparks. I OWN all of Nicholas Sparks books. When I see families at restaurants it melts my heart my friends and surprised I don't go over to the family and hug them all.

I love watching people interact when they come into my store. I love watching mother juggling their children. I love watching wives roll their eyes at the stains their husbands have gotten on their clothes. I love as husbands get confused looks on their faces when I ask them questions about their wives clothes. You can tell by their looks on their faces that they want to do it exactly right!

I have blogged before about how we check the pockets of all the clothes our customers bring in. The other day, while I was checking a mans pockets I found a note (it was already unfolded- don't worry- I wasn't snooping) that melted me as much as my favorite girlie movie does:

"Have I told you lately how much I love you? Love, your soon to be wife."

It's for genuine moments like this, the unexpected heart warming moments, that I love doing what I do. Its for all the love and happy moments that you as our customers are bringing into the world that makes me so happy to be able to interact with you every day.

For the Love of Spring and Stains

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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I love spring. I think most people share this sentiment because after months of hibernation we all feel like the sun and the scent of fresh air helps us to awake. People seem to take more time in life in the spring to think, to clean, to empty out their lives in preparation for filling them during the summer months.

I love working and having the sun STREAM in through my front store windows all day long. I love seeing the prints people come in wearing- with all their bright colors and flower coverings. 

I was thinking about all of this while I was working this morning, and with a smile I realized that even if the sun had NOT been streaming in through the store windows, I would not have been at a loss for what season it was. I could tell just by people's clothes; what they were bringing in and the stains on their clothes. Something about the orders I have had this morning just screams to me... warmer days are ahead...

1. Tiny bright dots all down the front of a light colared shirt

2. Thick heavy coats to be cleaned and folded. (Packing them away until next fall... and we think good riddance!)

3. Mud all over the hems of a pair of pants

4. Conspicuous bleach dots all over a pair of jeans. (Spring cleaning anyone?)

5. A wet light orange smudge on the front of someones pants

6. Car grease and black asphalt smudges. (Who else is taking advantage of the warm weather to do their own oil change instead of taking the car in?)

7. Sticky bright red finger marks on a shirt sleeve

8. Green smears and the wonderful scent of warm grass. (It's amazing how good you feel when your lawn looks good, and FEELS good under your bare feet.)

9. Prom dresses and tuxes

10. And of course... what would spring be without the Easter bunny? :)

Feeling the Love Day 2

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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In continuation with our previous blog, this week we are blogging every day about things we love to honor the Valentines Day Holiday. Yesterday we expressed our love for children. Today we will express love for:

The earth.

Maybe this resonates with me a lot because I am from Oregon. Don't worry- I am actually much more conservative than most of my fellow greenies, but it still threw me for quite a loop when I first moved to Utah and realized there was no place to recycle my aluminum cans. (How do Utah kids pay for candy without the returning pop can fund, really?)
However, being green is no longer something left to the hippies that life in the North West. Being green and organic, and taking care of the earth is becoming much more of a global phenomenon. And the dry cleaning business is not ABOUT to be left out of the preservation race.
I get asked probably once a week about whether Dry Cleaning and Beyond uses Organic cleansers, and whether we are a "green" company. I am proud to say that "yes, we are" and for your private blog viewing information, most dry cleaners are. We recycle not only the cleaning products we use, but the supplies we use to clean such as our bags and our hangers. (Have extra hangers you don't want? Bring them into any of our stores and we will re-use them!)

Also, thanks to modern technology, we are able to be MUCH more green than dry cleaners in the past were able too because now our systems are all digital, instead of having to rely on paper and pen. It is not only better for the environment, but much more safe and convenient for you AND your clothes!
There was a great blog post listed before I started blogging called Clean and Green that details most of this information and much more, and details it much better than I would be able too :) So if you are still interested, please, follow the link and read up on how dry cleaners are helping keep our communities green and organic!
For our second day of Love posts- we want to express our appreciation to our earth, and to the times that we live in today that give us the methods, and the understanding about just how important the world we live in is.

Feeling the Love

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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A lot of people find Valentines day a very cheezy holiday. But I disagree. I not only love it because my favorite colors of red and pink are swathed all over the place, but because I think Valentines day is a good time to remember all the people, and things, that we love, and to be reminded from lots of people and things that WE are loved.

I decided for this week that everyday I am going to post something about love, just because it is part of the season. (And because I am the blog author and I want too :) So for the first shout out today:

We love kids.

I had a friend once ask me if I ever realized that by working for a dry cleaners, I am really handling dirty clothes all day long. I had never realized that, mostly because the items that people have that are dry clean only, they treat with a lot of delicacy. Also, much of the "dirt" and the "stains" I deal with day to day are ones that...well... I am pretty familiar with. :)


2. food stains in the wonderful shape of child hand prints


3. white streaks on a a suit or sweater that come for a person carrying that wonderful- new baby smell

4. mud smears from somthing most small, soft, and chubby

5. throw-up

6. sticky gummy bear and fruit snack residue

7. Pen, marker, paint, crayon spots

We understand that sometimes, your wonderful kids may seem a little more like... green, slimy monsters. But we also know from seeing you with them when you come into our stores with them, that you love them. I have been touched over an over from soft words, smiles, hugs and kisses as parents hold, cuddle and teach their children right in front of me.

So this Valentines day we want to thank you for sharing your love of your family with us, and for allowing us to clean up a little bit of that love from your clothes that may be a little less than child proof :)


Posted by: Sarah Moeck

I love to quilt. Really. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am any good, but it is still a stress reliever for me. When I come home from "just one of those days", nothing makes me feel better than to sit in front of my sewing machine and methodically sew blocks together. It's therapeutic.

What has been really nice, is to realize that I am not the only one like this. I think since I have worked for Dry Cleaning and Beyond, I have seen more beautiful home made quilts than I have ever seen before. (Except for maybe inside my grandmothers home.)

I am sure everyone has had the horrible experience of something happening to a quilt, throw, or bed spread and you think, "Now what am I going to do with it? It wont fit in MY dryer." The great thing is, taking your quilt to the cleaners can do a lot more for it than... well... make it fit. (Although I am sure if your dryer fits your toddler... it might fit your quilt :) Not that we condone this method of testing or anything.)

It preserves color, and feel. Dry cleaning your blankets won't melt or bunch feathers and any other synthetic materials that may be used for the stuffing inside. Dry cleaning your quilts actually ensures that your quilts GET dry, and for those knitted afghans you have, it will ensure that the fibers don't shrink, stretch, or come unraveled. And the best- for all of you hand quilters out there-  dry cleaning your quilt keeps all of your time consuming, precious, and delicate work- in one piece!!

And though I try not to too often, I AM going to put in a plug for my own company right now :)  actually has a quilting specialist that works out of our Springville location. Need help piecing, sewing, and doing anything that has to do with the making and cleaning of your quilt? Call our Springville location and ask for Sheri. Not only can she helps, but she WANTS too.

We just wanted to throw out a kudos to all of our quilters out there and tell them how amazing we think their work is! We are so impressed with their talents.

And just to show it off a little bit, the beauty below is thanks to one of our Provo store customers, Linda Lambert. We were so excited to see something so nice, she graciously let us snap a picture of her handiwork and post it here! Thank you Linda!

Entering the Blogsphere

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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Since our companies birth, Dry Cleaning and Beyond has been fairly successful in entering the modern technological world. We have a new and beautifully desgined web site. We also have a page on Facebook so anyone can become a fan of our company.

We have tried, a little less successfully, to enter the Blogsphere. With our blog we hoped to answer questions not only about our company, but any general information about the services we have become experts in while being in buisness: drycleaning, laundry, wedding dresses and preservation, alterations etc. As well as hoping that we can entertain you as a reader!

We realized that to be able to do this we were going to need someone to update our blog more regularly that had been done in the past. Preferably someone who likes the dry cleaning buisness, and who also really enjoys to write.

So we found Sarah! We would love to encourage you to post comments on the blog or to email her directly and ask any questions or leave any comments, stories, and experiences you would like to see on our blog. You can contact Sarah at

Stay tuned for future posts and we hope you enjoy reading from us!