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Posted by: Sarah Moeck

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I am a corny person. I swoon during sappy love movies. I cry while reading books by Nicholas Sparks. I OWN all of Nicholas Sparks books. When I see families at restaurants it melts my heart my friends and surprised I don't go over to the family and hug them all.

I love watching people interact when they come into my store. I love watching mother juggling their children. I love watching wives roll their eyes at the stains their husbands have gotten on their clothes. I love as husbands get confused looks on their faces when I ask them questions about their wives clothes. You can tell by their looks on their faces that they want to do it exactly right!

I have blogged before about how we check the pockets of all the clothes our customers bring in. The other day, while I was checking a mans pockets I found a note (it was already unfolded- don't worry- I wasn't snooping) that melted me as much as my favorite girlie movie does:

"Have I told you lately how much I love you? Love, your soon to be wife."

It's for genuine moments like this, the unexpected heart warming moments, that I love doing what I do. Its for all the love and happy moments that you as our customers are bringing into the world that makes me so happy to be able to interact with you every day.

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