Celebrity Dry Cleaning

Posted by: Sarah Moeck

I find celebrity gossip hilarious. I am one of those people that in the supermarket while I am comparing vegetable prices can't help pick up those tabloids and magazines that you are sure are either:

a. half full of crap or

b. making something out of nothing

I love the making something out of nothing; it nostaligacally reminds me of high school. What I love most about these tabloids and magazines however, is how excited paparazzi get about celebritys doing every day, human, normal things.

I'm talking about the headlines that say-

Katie Holmes Kisses Her Daughter Surri!

Brad Pitt Grows a Beard!

Paris Hilton Walks Her Dog!

Jennifer Lopez Drops Off Her Dry Cleaning!

Hilarious. This week while I was looking for pictures to include in a few other posts, somehow by typing in the word "dry cleaning" into the search engine, it pulled up LOTS of celebrity pictures of them dropping off, and picking up their dry cleaning.

So for a little fun today I decided to include a few of my favorite photos. And now when you drop off your dry cleaning you can stand up a little taller and think- "I have something in common with someone famous! I have dry cleaning!" :)

Here we see Mandy Moore- just after picking up her cleaning:

Here we see Brittany Spears getting ready to drop off her dry cleaning. She's very excited.
Adam Brody doing the impossible- picking up dry cleaning!
Hillary Duff, like the average American- picks up her own dry cleaning. Who would imagine?
Natalie Portman picking up her dry cleaning- who knew she could be so... human?
 Kim Kardashian gets her own dry cleaning- and even holds the door open! My goodness!

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